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Hope On Wheels 2015 Program

This year marks a significant milestone for the Hope On Wheels program. In our 17th year, we committed over $11 million in pediatric cancer research grants for 2015 through 50 Scholar Grants across the country. With these grants, Hope On Wheels reached the $100 million mark in funding research and helping kids fight cancer.

The Hyundai Scholar Award is a $250,000 grant to support translational impact research for senior investigators. The Young Investigator Research Award is a $150,000 grant to support innovative research for young investigators. Both of these grants area peer-reviewed and awarded by our Medical Advisory Committee, a panel of leading pediatric oncologists, for promising research work. Together, both grants are aimed at expanding the knowledge base of the disease and improving the standards of care.

In addition, the Impact Award, a $50,000 grant to support programmatic activities at children’s hospitals throughout the nation is also available. Recipients of the Impact Award will be announced in mid-April.


Hope On Wheels accepts requests for proposals from eligible COG intitutions from December through February of each year. Winners of the grant are notified in March. Currently, the 2015 grant application period is closed. Please check back December 2015 for more information about the 2016 program.

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